Morphology & anatomy

Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates

The Research Group Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates, led by professor Adriaens, studies the evolutionary morphology of (marine) vertebrates. Marine research topics include the reproduction of the European eel (self-sustaining aquaculture) and phenotypical variation in cranial morphology, the evolution of the feeding system of seahorses and study of its skeleton with possible industrial applications, and application of geometric morphometrics in the early detection of opercular deformities in the intensively reared gilthead sea bream.  

Research Group Morphology

The Research Group Morphology, led by professors Decostere and Van Den Broeck, studies the morphology of vertebrates, including fish, shellfish and marine mammals. Specific research topics include the influence of microorganisms or substances on gill tissue, because gill diseases are a production-limiting factor in aquaculture, and determining if pulse fishing can provide an ecological alternative for trawling. In cooperation with the Artemia Reference Center, the influence of microorganisms with probiotic effects on the development and morphology of the gastrointestinal system of marine larvae is studied.