Senior Research Co-ordinator - LOICZ Executive Officer

Senior Research Co-ordinator - LOICZ Executive Officer


Position Summary

The Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zones (LOICZ) international initiative invites applications for the position of Senior Research Co-ordinator to lead the International Project Office (IPO) hosted by the Marei Centre of Excellence ( in University College Cork ( from January 2015. 

We are currently recruiting for the LOICZ Executive Officer post in the international project/coastal research area for which funding has been awarded for 2 years initially, and may be extended thereafter, subject to completion of a successful project review and funding being continued.

Project: Marei

Post Duration: 2 years


Role Summary

The Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zones (LOICZ) international initiative invites applications for the position of Senior Research Co-ordinator (LOICZ Executive Officer) to lead the International Project Office (IPO) hosted by the Marei Centre of Excellence ( in University College Cork ( ) from January 2015.

LOICZ ( is a core project of the International Geosphere – Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and is transitioning to become part of the new ten year Future Earth programme for Earth System Science Future Earth - Coasts is the new name for the next iteration of LOICZ. Future Earth – Coasts will be a global initiative that seeks to enable the scientific community to build knowledge through collaborative processes to better understand and address the profound and urgent changes occurring in vulnerable coastal zones. Future Earth - Coasts stems from 20 years of LOICZ, and as such it represents a new era of development for the LOICZ community. In accordance with the structure of the emerging global sustainability science, the focus is centred on three inter-related key themes: Dynamic Coasts, Human development and the Coast, and Pathways to Global Coastal Sustainability.  


Future Earth – Coasts is part of a wider global initiative, Future Earth. The main objective of Future Earth is to develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. Future Earth will mobilize thousands of scientists while strengthening partnerships with policy-makers and other stakeholders to provide sustainability options and solutions in the wake of Rio+20. Future Earth - Coasts aims to deliver a new ten-year global programme of research to harness the knowledge required to address to the risks and opportunities arising from global coastal change.  


LOICZ activities are coordinated by an International Project Office (IPO) which manages activities, facilitates engagement with multiple stakeholders, and communicates amongst scientific peer groups, policy makers and the general public. The IPO plays a central role in facilitating the development and implementation of the goals of LOICZ. It provides logistical support to the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and is responsible for the day-to-day planning and operations enabling the implementation and coordination of activities, under the guidance of the SSC, including managing the records and information relating to SSC meetings and memberships. The IPO has an important networking role and is active in fundraising, linking with international donor and policy organisations, the hosting institution (UCC), and other external stakeholders.

The highly prestigious and competitive Senior Research Co-ordinator (LOICZ Executive Officer) position will be awarded to an individual with a top class track record in the field of international science management. The position will be based at the IPO hosted by the Marei Centre in UCC’s new state-of-the-art Beaufort Laboratory. Marei is one of twelve prestigious centres of excellence funded by Science Foundation Ireland. The Senior Research Co-ordinator (LOICZ Executive Officer) should have substantial experience in research and project management, and an excellent track record in obtaining research funding.  The position will be evaluated through a systematic and continuous professional development and appraisal system.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

The Senior Research Co-ordinator will

  • Provide support and direction to the International Project Office on a day to day basis, encompassing oversight of scientific, financial, network and administrative aspects, including meeting the reporting requirements of the parent programme, funders and the host institution.

  • Facilitate collaboration by working closely with the Chair to implement the Future Earth – Coasts Science Plan and Implementation Strategy (SPIS) as defined by the SSC.

  • Ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the SSC by facilitating engagement between the members.

  • Facilitate links between the SSC and Regional Nodes, parent programme, international projects, funding bodies, stakeholder committees and the host institution through regular communication.

  • Coordinate the delivery of scientific publications and outreach activities and providing project advocacy, promotion and publicity world-wide including project branding.

  • Identify and pursue fund raising opportunities to ensure the long term sustainability of the Future Earth - Coasts IPO and to underpin relevant activities.

  • Liaise with relevant research groups and offices in the host institution, UCC, including the Office of the VP for Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Finance Office, and externally with industry and policy partners as required.

  • Ensure compliance with the host institution policies and procedures and requirements of the funding body in carrying out the duties of the post.

  • Provide support and direction to executive management and PIs as required in the research area.

  • To facilitate collaboration by liaising with other research groups within UCC and externally, as necessary.

  • To co-ordinate day-to-day work to support the research project.

  • To facilitate collaboration by liaising with other research groups and offices in UCC including the Office of the VP for Research & Innovation, Technology Transfer, Finance Office and externally with industry partners, as required.

  • To ensure compliance with UCC policies and procedures and requirements of the funding body in carrying out the duties of the post.

  • Promote the Centre to attract in new businesses, carry out the application and screening process and in so doing create new business development opportunities for the Centre.

  • Ensure that IP is diligently exploited and commercialised and that due diligence is carried out on IP before it is licensed to companies.

  • Develop, implement and ensure adherence to policies regarding intellectual property in addition to negotiating and managing intellectual property agreements and contracts.

  • Maintain current and comprehensive understanding of IP management and industry needs and requirements.

  • Develop, manage and complete all industry contracts on time.

  • Build and maintain relationships with all the LOICZ partners and stakeholders in order to clearly understand and address their skill needs.

  • Assist industry in identifying potential opportunities within LOICZ.

  • Identify, cultivate, and solicit new partnerships and funding sources, both in the Ireland and internationally.

  • Initiate, develop and submit proposals for the creation of new I/P efforts, serving as principal contact when appropriate

  • Market LOICZ research and new technology to potential industrial partners.

  • Contribute and participate in events, conferences, seminars and workshops




  • A PhD (or equivalent research experience) in one of the relevant natural or social sciences

  • Experience in one or more of the scientific fields addressed by the Future Earth - Coasts initiative, a track record of interdisciplinary working, and an ability to facilitate stakeholder integration

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in science management in an international project context

  • Track record in the organization of large scale, high profile international meetings and workshops

  • Excellent spoken and written English

  • Flexibility and willingness to undertake overseas travel and meet the demands of international working

  • Should have a track record of securing competitive funding as a Principal Investigator and independently winning substantial research funding on an ongoing basis and driving a research agenda.

  • Highly developed interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a dynamic and diverse set of university staff and students, and industrial/practitioner partners in a multi-university environment.

  • Excellent communication, time management, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

  • Excellent organisational and networking skills.

  • Political acumen and ability to work across international boundaries.


  • Experience in managing multiple industry partners/suppliers and/or networks in an industrial environment.

  • Ability to think creatively and independently.

  • Demonstrated ability to elicit sustained involvement from diverse stakeholders and manage collaborations among academia, industrial and/or government organisations.

  • Entrepreneurial skills, ability to function effectively in large complex organisations.

  • Experience in IP management and commercialisation in an academic, research or industry setting

  • Proven relevant experience, ideally involving the identification and commercialisation of intellectual property through licensing or new enterprise development.


For Informal Enquiries on the post candidates should contact:

Name: Caroline Scanlon

Title: Imerc strategy facilitator

Email Address:

Telephone: + 353 21 4335715


To Apply:

Please submit a short cover letter and C.V. to Caroline Scanlon, as above, on or before the closing date Thursday 18th December 2014.