Vision & Mission

Even though the ocean is crucial to life on Earth, and covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, we know so little about it. The importance of the oceans can hardly be overestimated. Marine ecosystems are home to millions of species, many of which are still unknown to science. Approximately two third of the world population lives at or near the coast and is thus subject to flooding. The oceans are furthermore an important source of food and they are the main drivers of the global climate system.


Understanding all facets of the ocean is thus essential. Therefore, marine and maritime research groups from Ghent University decided to unite their forces and establish the Marine@UGent consortium, to promote and facilitate the interdisciplinary cooperation between thirty research groups from six faculties (Bio-Engineering, Science, Engineering & Architecture, Law, Veterinary Medicine, and Medicine & Health Sciences), and with Flanders Marine Institute. It is expected that this collaboration will result in innovative research results and outreach activities and boost marine research and technological innovation.