2nd Coastal and Ocean Basin seminar | Marine@Ugent

2nd Coastal and Ocean Basin seminar

UGent together with KU Leuven and Flanders Hydraulics organise a second seminar focusing on recent innovations in experimental research in a wave tank facility.

During the second COB seminar, you will first get a status update of both the new wave basin “Coastal & Ocean Basin” (COB) and the shallow water towing tank of the Flanders Maritime Laboratory, followed by experiences of local and international recent innovations in wave tank research, presented by experts from industry, government and academia. Furthermore, we have three international keynote speakers who will present their experience with state-of-the-art achievements related to wave tanks. And subsequently local expertise and progress in state-of-the-art will be presented by various invited speakers. The seminar will be interesting for researchers, consultants, contractors, public servants and interested audience.

Together with the new towing tank, the COB forms the Flanders Maritime Laboratory, and has the ambition to be internationally active in areas such as coastal and offshore engineering, renewable ocean energy and building with nature.

BlueBridge, Oostende
6 Feb 2020 - 10:00 to 17:00