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Blauwe Clusters' Blue Session rond ecosysteembenadering

Discover the strength of collaboration for a sustainable ecosystem during the Blue Session, organized by the Blue In a world struggling with challenges such as biodiversity loss and climate change, the crucial link between ecosystems and the impact of human activities cannot be overstated. As proud coordinators of the first project within the Blue Cluster focusing on the ecosystem approach, members of Marine@UGent cordially invite you to join this captivating gathering.

The Need for Sustainable Ecosystem Models in the Blue Economy:

With the blue economy in full swing, our aim is to incorporate all ecosystem aspects into the development of new activities at sea. Motivated by the preservation of ecosystem services (food production, raw materials for medicines, climate buffering, employment, pollutant breakdown, etc.) and the intrinsic value of ecosystems and their components, we are charting a course towards activities that work with the natural environment rather than causing irreversible, undesired impacts.

Despite the availability of various tools, the practical application of the ecosystem approach is not always straightforward. The societal demand for space for economic activities is substantial, while government regulations often focus on limiting or compensating damage and striving for a good environmental state. This creates a tension where responsibility is sought when ecosystem damage occurs. The challenge lies in integrating human activities as part of the ecosystem, requiring a more integrated perspective from businesses, scientists, and the government.

Why do we need these models?

Companies within the blue economy are increasingly recognizing the need to take responsibility for their impact on ecosystems. However, a crucial hurdle remains – the integration of an ecosystem approach. Many questions persist, including:

  • Integration into the Economic Narrative: How can an ecosystem approach be seamlessly integrated into economic narratives?
  • Available Tools: What tools are currently available to facilitate this integration?
  • Additional Support: What further support is required to make an ecosystem approach practical and applicable?
  • Roles of Policy, Businesses, and Knowledge Institutions: What roles do policy, businesses, and knowledge institutions play in this paradigm shift?


This event will delve into these pressing questions, presenting three pioneering projects that aim to provide answers and solutions. It is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and shape the future of sustainable practices in our seas.

Save the Date:

Date: February 1st 

Time: 14:00 - 18:00 

Location: InnovOcean Campus, Oostende

Join us at the Blue Session, where the power of collaboration takes center stage in fostering a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with our oceans.


More information and registration via the link

More information on the three pioneering projects: link

InnovOcean Campus, Oostende
Jacobsenstraat 1, 8400 Oostende
1 Feb 2024 - 14:00 to 18:00