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Compendium for Coast and Sea

The ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea’, an integrated document about the socio-economic, ecological and institutional aspects of the coast and the sea in Flanders and Belgium, is being prepared by a network of experts from science, policy, etc. which is coordinated by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ).


This product aims to aggregate objective and scientifically based information and data from Flemish/Belgian marine and maritime research, including thus research performed by Marine@UGent members. In this regard, the document will provide an overview of the fragmented marine and maritime research landscape, hence increasing its accessibility and visibility.


The Compendium consists of three main parts focusing on respectively the marine research landscape in Belgium, the different user functions of the coast and sea and the interface between marine/maritime science and policy. The document will be issued both in English and Dutch and will appear every 5-6 years. The information will also be made available on a website which will be updated more regularly. The Compendium mainly focuses on academics, experts actively involved with the coast and sea, and business representatives, whereas derived communication products will address a more general public.


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