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EMBC thesis event

The EMBC, or  the international MSC in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, thesis event took place from Monday to Thursday 23-26 June 2014. This master programme is offered by a consortium of 7 universities from Belgium (Ghent University), Germany (University of Bremen), Portugal (University of Algarve), France (University of Pierre and Marie Curie), Spain (University of Oviedo), Lithuania (Klaipeda University), and Ireland (Galway Mayo Institute of Technology). Student mobility is an integral part of the programme, so students are obliged to study at different universities. 


The thesis defence for the cohort 2012-2014 was organized at Ghent University (the coordinating university of the EMBC programme) from 23 to 26 June 2014. This public defence is the final deliverable. A much broader audience was able to follow all the presentations through video conferencing techniques. Teachers and thesis evaluators followed and commented on the presentations through online live video facilities. 


Diplomas were awarded by prof. K. Versluys (director of department of educational affairs), prof. H. Dejonghe (dean of the faculty of sciences) and representative professors from the partner universities. During the proclamation, prizes were awarded to outstanding students: 

- Prize Carlo Heip, dedicated to the most deserving student of the ERASMUS MUNDUS Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC)

- EMBC best thesis award, given to the student who obtains the best overall thesis score.

- Best thesis presentation prize, awarded to the student who is giving the best thesis presentation during the thesis defense. 


You can read the book of abstracts here.