Even during Corona UGent contributes to innovation in the Blue Economy sector. | Marine@Ugent

Even during Corona UGent contributes to innovation in the Blue Economy sector.

Overview of the projects financed via the Blue Cluster in 2020.

Nine new project proposals were approved by the Blue Cluster in 2020, representing a total grant of €9 million, of which €6.8 million is reserved for the knowledge institutions. These projects fall mainly within the domains of Renewable Energy & Freshwater Production and Coastal Protection & Use of Mineral Resources.

There is a big difference in the number of approved projects in 2020 versus 2019. This looks like a setback, but we have to realise that 2019 was a rather exceptional year with many projects ideas in the drawer. Additionally, 2020 has been a challenging year for companies as a result many research activities have been postponed to next year. As such, the Steering Committee of the Blue Cluster decided to spend most of the earmarked funds for strategic basic research, with a large proportion of the funding going to knowledge institutions. This basic research will give rise to various valorisation projects in the longer term.

Ghent University is involved in three new SBO projects in 2020:

  1. In the SUMES (SUstainable Marine Ecosystem Services, link) project, Ghent University, together with the VLIZ and University of Antwerp, aim to develop a model that assesses the effects of human activities on our marine ecosystem.
  2. PLUXIN (Plastic Flux for Innovation and Business Opportunities in Flanders, link) aims to develop a two-dimensional-horizontal (2DH) diffusion model for plastics. This is a collaboration between VLIZ, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, VITO and Ghent University.
  3. In the H2MHYTIC project, VITO, IMEC and UGent take up the challenge of integrating all forms of renewable energy into the electricity grid without destabilising it.


The Blue Cluster has announced the next call for project proposals with a deadline of 5th February 2021. A 10-page project proposal has to be submitted according to the standard format.

Do you have a project idea that fits within the roadmaps of an Blue Cluster domain? Do not hesitate to contact us, Marine@UGent offers support to the UGent community.


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