Editions 2016-2018 | Marine@Ugent

Editions 2016-2018

The first edition was not only a great success but also great fun.
Students from all across the globe were welcomed in GreenBridge.
The pictures below speak for themselves.


Hashan travelling all the way from Srilanka to join BGSS2016 pictured here with the ROV from Flanders Marine Institute.

After enjoying diner in a Flemish family Linea (Denmark) and Eduardo (Spain) present their host national gifts.

BGSS2016 closing network reception: students talking to prof. Ricardo Serrao Santos, Member of the European Parliament

BGSS2016 jumping for joy after graduation

BGSS diner: time for some...Belgian beers

Potential of blue growth in Spain by Eduardo

Time to put life jackets on for excursion to offshore windmill farms

Team Belgium BGSS2016 presents blue growth in Belgium

A futuristic multi-use platform designed by one of the multidisciplinary BGSS2016 teams

Happy faces meaning nobody got seasick

BGSS2016 honoured by DEME’s sponsorship

Interactive session on coastal engineering

Wisdom describes the blue growth potential of Ghana, his home country


‘The Blue Growth Summer School was an amazing experience
I learnt a lot from different disciplines. We were very well taken care of and both the staff and lecturers seemed to explode with enthusiasme . Mostly though the course made me think what
I want to do with the rest of my life.
It has been that little nudge that I needed to pursue a career
in the marine and maritime field.’
Max Minne, Student master Bio-engineer, Ghent Univeristy, Belgium


‘The possibility of getting to know students from all over the world with the same interest in the marine and maritime sector is unique. The different approached to the field are higly inspiring and very useful for further cooperation in my future career.
I would strongly recommend other students to participate in the future editions of BGSS’.
Sara Winther Lausten, master student structural & civil engineering Aalborg University Denmark.