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First 'Communication in Marine Sciences' event

On 28 October, Marine@UGent organized the first 'Communication in Marine Sciences' event for young scientists. 30 enthuasiastic scientists were present, eager to learn how to communicate more effectively.


To initiate the day, professor Magda Vincx introduced Marine@UGent to them. Then, 3 keynote speakers shed their light on science communication, from their respective perspectives. Jos Van Hemelrijck elaborated on why scientists should talk to journalists and more importantly, how to talk to journalists. Stephanie Lenoir explained the role of the Communications Office. Professor Katrien Strubbe also explained why and how researchers should communicate their science, from her perspective as a scientist with ample experience with outreach projects. After the keynote speaches, it was time to get to know each other (a bit better): Sylvie Peeters from the Communication department organized a speeddating event (see picture). Researchers met colleagues from other research groups and perhaps new collaborations were initiated. After lunch, three workshops took place: Social media by Ineke Imbo, Sharing marine science with the public by Jan Seys, and Effective scientific posters by Ruben Verborgh. Comments from the participants were extremely positive, apparently, these workshops can be highly recommended! A must for next year's participants perhaps! Did you miss the event, have a look at the presentations: 


Magda Vincx - Presentation Marine@UGent

Jos Van Hemelrijck - Talking to the press

Stephanie Lenoir - Role of the Communications office

Katrien Strubbe - Science for all or how do/can we communicate science?

Ineke Imbo - Social Media

Jan Seys - Sharing Marine Science with the Public

Unfortunately, the slides of Ruben Verborgh (Effective scientific posters) are not available.