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IMBRSea symposium "Diving into Marine Minds"

"Diving into Marine Minds" is the closing event of the IMBRSea MSc programme ( During the symposium, second-year Master students will present their final thesis work, while first-year Master students will show what they learned during their professional practice.  

As part of the symposium, we plan to organize a series of roundtables where different marine science professionals can discuss the professional context, motivations and concerns of marine scientists. The objective of the round tables is to have 3-5 guest per session who present briefly (maximum 10 minutes) their career path. For the roundtables, we have scheduled two time slots - Tuesday 6th (17-18:30 CET) and Thursday 8th (11-12:30 CET).

If you wish to participate in the roundtables, please fill out this form 

Online meeting
6 Jul 2021 - 00:00 to 8 Jul 2021 - 00:00