Marine@UGent is one of the partners to develop a brand-new expo ‘Sea Force’ at Technopolis | Marine@Ugent

Marine@UGent is one of the partners to develop a brand-new expo ‘Sea Force’ at Technopolis

Sea Force, a brand new exhibition at Technopolis where you can dive into the sea and the port of tomorrow. You can take that quite literally. Via projections and interactive floors and walls, you feel completely submerged and it seems like you are walking on the bottom of the sea where fish swim around your feet. If you look further, you will see floating solar panels, underwater aquaculture farms and bubble curtains that protect porpoises from underwater noise.


For the first time, Technopolis is using an digital space to immerse visitors in a sustainable future where science and technology are central. Sea Force is not only a visual and technological masterpiece. In terms of content, the exhibition tells a particularly strong story for our future where science and innovation must make the most of the power of the sea while protecting it at the same time. Important themes such as shipping, renewable energy and food are addressed.


These themes were incorporated into all kinds of fun assignments. While playing, you get answers to questions such as "Will we soon be growing our food in an underwater farm?", "Will there be an artificial energy islands off our Belgian coast?" and "What is the power and importance of the sea?". In addition, you can design your own windmill and bring the power ashore, discover fish species with an underwater drone, explore ways to generate and store green energy.... Through a giant interactive port table, you will travel to the port (or should we say better energy hub) of the future and discover how/if we will soon say goodbye to fossil fuel powered ships.



Sea Force is an exhibition that will fascinate young and old. Young people from 12 years of age and adults alike can immerse themselves in the numerous themes that are presented and can be inspired to work (later) in the marine and maritime sector. Younger children will enjoy the visual spectacle and the technology of the immersive digital space, which allows fish and other graphic elements to follow their movements. Entry to Sea Force is included in the entrance fee to Technopolis.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Technopolis proudly calls itself SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Voice and uses Sea Force to inform visitors on a series of goals set by the United Nations to make the world a better place by 2030. Via Sea Force, Technopolis and its partners (goal 17 - involve stakeholders) show how important reliable and sustainable energy is (goal 7), why action against climate change is really necessary (goal 13) and how the sea can be used in a sustainable way with all due respect for life in the water (goal 14).


The partners

Sea Force is a gem of a co-creation project. For this groundbreaking expo, Technopolis joined forces with CMB, DEME, Jan De Nul, Port of Antwerp, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Marine@UGent, Vliz, Flux50 and Belgian Offshore Platform.


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Author: dr. Sara Vandamme
Pictures by ©Technopolis 
Figure 1: The sea is an important source for sustainable food, renewable energy and - not to forget - an important transport route.
Figure 2: As powerful as the sea is, she is also vulnerable. Our biggest challenge is, then, to utilize the sea while minimally disturbing it. How do you protect porpoises from underwater noise? Can oysters protect our coast from storms? What animals do you find around a windmill? How do you build an artificial reef? Take a deep dive into our sea and harbor and investigate for yourself.
Figure 3:How will the harbor look like in 2050? You can shape the future yourself via a gigantic interactive table. Move your hands across the table and get to know energy-neutral locks, the power of electricity and climate-friendly ships that don't depend on fossil fuels.