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More news on the MARES conference

The First Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation, the place to be in November 2014 !



The First Mares Conference, an initiative from the MARES Joint Doctoral Programme, will be held in Olhão, Portugal, on November 17th-21st, 2014. Ghent University, jointly with the University of Algarve, is responsible for its organization. This international and open conference will bring together scientists from different levels and disciplines to discuss and address main issues about marine ecosystems health and conservation.


Six themes will be developed through the conference, and for each one a keynote speaker will be invited:

 1.  Future Oceans : temperature changes - hypoxia – acidification

2.   Understanding biodiversity effects on the functioning of marine ecosystems

3.   Biological invasions

4.   Natural Resources : overexploitation, fisheries and aquaculture

5.   Ocean noise pollution

6.   Habitat loss, urban development, coastal infrastructures and Marine Spatial Planning


The conference will be dynamic, mixing oral presentations, round table discussions and digital objects/ posters sessions. It will be a good opportunity to build personal relationships and create new collaborations between universities, schools, companies and experts from all around the world.


Call for abstracts and Registration open in early February, so visit and join  this major event!


Willing to advertise the Mares Conference through your Institute or University? Download this advertising poster, print it and display it!  


Contact Details:

MARES Conference Coordination Office

Ghent University, Marine Biology Research Group, Krijgslaan 281/S8

9000 Ghent, Belgium