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Second Deep-Water Circulation Congress - Ghent - 10-12 September 2014

The second Deep-Water Circulation congress will take place in Ghent, Belgium from 10 to 12 September 1014 (with an optional field trip on Saturday 13 September). Prof. David Van Rooij, prof. Marc De Batist and prof. Jean-Pierre Henriet (Renard Centre of Marine Geology) are part of the organizing committee. 


This congress aims to focus on the 'Contourite Log-book', with the intention to increase the ability to unveil and extract the temporal and lateral variability of palaeoceanographic processes. The following main topics will be discussed:

1. The coupling between (physical) oceanographic processes and contouritic sedimentation

2. The vital role of contouritic processes in the initiation, maintenance and decay of deep-water ecosystems (co-sponsored by COCARDE®)

3. The influence of the lateral and temporal variability of contourite sedimentation on slope (in)stability (co-sponsored by the IGCP-585 E-MARSHAL project)

4. The economic relevance of contourites within hydrocarbon systems, as well as in the formation process of polymetallic nodules


Besides these main topics, contributions focusing on these topics are also welcomed:

1. Technological advances in geophysics and geochemistry such as seismic oceanography and the application of CT scanning

2. Advances and methods in facies characterization and classification

3. Recognition, characterization and importance of ancient contourite outcrops

4. Shallow-water and lake contourites: similarities and differences with the deep-water record

5. 3D seismic geomorphology and contourites


The Conference format will consist of keynote talks, oral presentations, and poster presentations.

Abstract submission: 1 February 2014

More information can be found on the conference website