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UGent Blue Growth Summerschool - Cancelled

We are very sad to announce that the UGent Blue Growth Summerschool edition 2020, has to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 episode.

We want to thank all staff and participants that have invested a lot of energy in this event. Announcement of the next edition of the Blue Growth Summer School will follow.

  • A Master or PhD student in engineering, bio-engineering, geography, or marine biology?
  • Passionate about exploring the challenging role of oceans and seas in our future society?
  • Excited about marine and maritime sciences, business development & entrepeneurship?
  • Fascinated by looking across disciplines?
  • Up for fun with international students in an enchanting Belgian coastal city?

Then, join the fifth edition of the Blue Growth Summer School

Target audience

The course is designed for Master and PhD students. Engineers, bio-engineers, geographers and marine biologists are welcome to subscribe however essential for enrollement is the demonstration of experience in marine and maritime projects.

BlueBridge, Ostend Science Park
UGent Campus Ostend in Belgium
14 Sep 2020 - 08:00 to 18 Sep 2020 - 16:00