We have a winner! | Marine@Ugent

We have a winner!

Marine@UGent had launched its first video contest for young marine researchers. These movies can inspire students and learn them something about marine research or the ocean in general. We received four beautifully made and interesting movies from various disciplines. 


Even though the Marine@UGent community found it very difficult to determine a winner, one movie received most votes: "Jumping is not a crime, it's a way of fishing", by Maarten Soetaert. This movie about electric fishing has been found to be very informative. Congratulations, Maarten! 


The other movies are also worth watching! 

"A day at the Mont Saint-Michel", by Bart De Smet. A day in the life of a marine biologist. 

"GhEnToxLab at work", by David Deruytter. How do scientists study the impact of pollution on marine life. 

"The deep sea", by Lidia Lins Pereira. Learn more about this fascinating environment. 


Feeling inspired to make a movie about your research? Contact us!