About | Marine@Ugent



Marine@UGent is a central point of contact for industry, government and other stakeholders regarding marine and maritime research and guarantees high-quality research and advice.

Founded in 2012, Marine@UGent groups the scientific expertise of more than 70 research groups of the UGent Association across ten faculties and the Flemish Marine Institute (VLIZ). Members of Marine@UGent conducts research in disciplines ranging from biological sciences, aquaculture, pollution and food sciences to maritime law, marine energy and coastal and marine spatial planning and engineering sciences.

What do we do?

  • Unite top experts
  • Increase interaction with industrial and societal stakeholders
  • Tune research to practice
  • Answer questions independently, efficient and directly
  • Diffuse knowledge
  • Innovate, fundamental as well as applied
  • Generate and valorise intellectual property in partnership
  • Identify, in partnership, project opportunities and financing
  • Train, consult and educate

Our vision and mission

Marine@UGent is dedicated to advance the understanding, appreciation and quality of our oceans and its connection with land through a sustained commitment to excellence in science, education and the application of this knowledge to problems faced by society.

This will be achieved by

  • Grouping and bringing together scientists from different faculties, universities and institutes, active in marine and maritime science
  • Being the interface between our researchers and the Blue sector, governments and other stakeholders
  • Initiating and identifying multidisciplinary research projects with added industrial and social value
  • Providing scientific and technological expertise, innovations, training and advice
  • Promoting excellent scientific research and the importance of a sustainable development of human activities at sea


The vision of Marine@UGent is to become the preferential center of excellence in Belgium, within an international, collaborative context, to provide expertise and innovations in the field of marine and maritime science.


Our team

Prof. dr. Colin Janssen is full professor of Ecotoxicology and Applied Marine Ecology. He is the academic chairman of the Marine@UGent consortium which consolidates marine and maritime expertise of Ghent University and is Chair of the Industry Research Fund (IOF) consortium BLUeGent. This Business Development Center coordinates all blue economy valorisation research of the Ghent University. Furthermore, Prof. Janssen is vice-chair of the Board of Directors and chair of the scientific committee of the Flanders Marine Institute.


Prof. dr. Jana Asselman is assistant professor with a focus on marine biotechnology and molecular toxicology. She is the academic vice-chair of the Marine@UGent consortium and coordinator of the Marine@UGent Core Facilities, located on the UGent campus in Ostend. The Marine@UGent Core Facilities feature unique, innovative and multidisciplinary infrastructure with the aim to further facilitate and boost marine and maritime state-of-the-art UGent research across faculties, department and lab boundaries.


As liaison officer, dr. Sara Vandamme, is responsible for initiating and supervising new projects, providing comprehensive advice and bringing together the right experts.