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Business development

Marine@UGent engages with entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers and citizens to better understand the needs for scientific evidence and technologies. Together we will drive the advancement of science, set up creative partnerships and develop groundbreaking technology within the blue economy.

By partnering with us, your business will have access to our wealth of expert knowledge, a pool of specialised equipment, testing facilities, research outputs from a range of oceanographic disciplines, and access to a range of other companies active in the Blue sector through collaboration with the Blue Cluster.

We are keen to engage with industry, other research organisations and public sector bodies to help maximise the application of our research to affect positive socio-economic impact. In addition to commissioned research, you could join a collaborative research programme where we can leverage access to supporting grant funding.

Projects could help your company develop a new product or survey, or facilitate access to new knowledge and technology, to allow you to overcome problems, or embrace new opportunities affecting your sector.

Our scientific expertise will be of interest and applicable for many sectors including renewable energy, aquaculture, shipping, water management, dredging, and many more.


Business Development Centres of Ghent University

Ghent University has a unique industry liaison network consisting of business development centers in a vast range of topics. These business centres have expertise in translating academic solutions to your business problem. They connect your business with the most suitable academic experts to provide tailor-made solutions for your challenges.

On a regular basis Marine@UGent collaborates with various business development consortia:


The Industrial Research Fund BLUEGent business development center unites more than 30 research groups which perform research in the Blue Growth domain. Together they aim to translate their academic research and expertise into business solutions and applications. Your single point of contact for blue growth R&D ideas or your business proposals.

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The interdisciplinary community of Ghent University researchers working on the energy challenge. This cross-disciplinary business development center brings together about 180 Ghent University researchers and focuses on the application of sustainable energy technologies with the explicit goal to disseminate research results and to bring them to the market.

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The Metals consortium is your access point to know-how and technology related to metal research and development at Ghent University. We offer in-depth academic expertise, research capacity and dedicated infrastructure to bring added value in the domain of metal innovation. We help to develop new generation of metal alloys, process techniques and products, together with advanced characterisation tools making your design safe and durable in real conditions.

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Connecting Businesses with Blue Science

Ghent University is a top 100 university, which plays a leading role in marine and maritime research, impacting people all around the world. Technical innovation and innovative research are Ghent University’s key drivers to enforce blue economy. But together with our partners from industry, public bodies and other knowledge institution we can further stimulate collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions, government and social partners.

Ostend Science Park

Ostend Science Park is a high-tech knowledge hub, entirely dedicated to marine and maritime business. It is the first of its kind in Belgium and is the perfect breeding ground to boost your blue business.

Ostend Science Park is a joint venture of three founding partners: Ghent University, Port of Oostende and POM (West-Flanders Development Agency). Together with leading companies in the Blue Economy, Ostend Science Park aims to build an unique ecosystem for research and development and valorisation in the Blue Economy.

The unique advantage of Ostend Science Park is the close collaboration between industry, academia and government. Ostend Science Park enables companies to stay in touch with state-of-the-art academics and allows scientists to get insight in the evolutions in business and supports governments to strengthen their vision on the blue economy.

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Bluebridge is the blue economy incubator and heart of Ostend Science Park. Bluebridge aims to boost the potential of entrepreneurship by acting as a knowledge broker for various blue economy stakeholders from start-ups and corporates to knowledge institutions and governmental bodies.

Aside from offices, meeting and event facilities, Bluebridge provides access to onsite marine and maritime researchers and facilities of Ghent University. The headquarter of Marine@UGent is based in BlueBridge.