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Next generation summer school: Blue Science & Technology Summer Training (BlueS&T)

Tomorrow’s generation of scientists, engineers, and technical staff will need to be able to work in a multidisciplinary fashion. Knowledge is required beyond strictly defined scientific and technical issues and now requires employees to cut across scientific, environmental, economic and social disciplines. BlueS&T aims to close the mismatch between knowledge provided by higher educational establishments and the competences required of the Blue economy's professionals by combining ex-cathedra lectures on a specific scientific subject with hands-on practical and multidisciplinary workshops and on-site visits.

BlueS&T is organized as a two-week course with first week focusing on marine topics like ecosystem services, oceans and human health, sustainable seafood, building with Nature and on transferable skills like social innovation and consumer behaviour and marketing. Week two focusses on maritime topics covering topics like coastal engineering, renewable energy, robotics, maritime spatial planning, entrepreneurships and virtual reality.

What sets us apart are our partnerships. By partnering with world-leading companies in the field BlueS&T participants will be tackling real-world projects in a range of inspiring settings, guided by our academics and industry professionals.

You will benefit from a blend of ex-cathedra lectures, hands-on practical and multidisciplinary workshops and on-site visits. Two days of the summer school will be hosted in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

The BlueS&T will be organised from 30th August to 10th September 2021 in Ostend Science Park,  Oostende, Belgium. Participants from diverse backgrounds will be admitted. If you are passionate about exploring the challenging role of oceans and seas in our future society and excited about marine and maritime sciences, business development and entrepreneurship… this is the course for You!.

New is that the Summer School is now recognized as specialist course by the (Bioscience) Engineering and Natural Sciences Doctoral Schools of Ghent University. As such, for PhD students of Ghent University the course is free and will be added to their curriculum by the Doctoral Schools administration after successful completion. All students who complete the 2-week programme will be provided a certificate of Ghent University stating that the course has the equivalent of 5 ECTS-credits.

More information about the programme and practical information is available on the website here or email


Author: Dr. Sara Vandamme