Sustainable Fish Week 18-22 November 2013 | Marine@Ugent

Sustainable Fish Week 18-22 November 2013

The first edition of the Sustainable Fish Week at Ghent University took place in May 2012, with the concern ‘How long can we still eat fish?’. A lot of fish stocks are overfished and jellyfish are taking over the oceans. As an alternative for the disappearing Bluefin tuna, students and staff could taste jellyfish. The UGent Board of Directors signed a charter with the commitment to serve more sustainable fish in their restaurants.


After a fist successful edition, the second Sustainable Fish Week is now organized, from 18 until 22 November 2013, with the central theme of bycatch: this is fish or other animals (starfish, crabs, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks,…) caught unintentionally in a fishery. The bycatch is discarded and most of it does not survive this stressful handling.  


Students and staff will be immersed in the world of bycatch in the student restaurants. Targeted actions will take place in the following restaurants: Astrid, De Brug (19 november), FPPW, Kantienberg (20 November), Diergeneeskunde, and Coupure (21 November).  Campaign elements will be displayed in the other restaurants and cafeterias.


Researchers will present their results and insights in order to help the implementation of a more sustainable fishery. Read more about the lecture evening on Thursday 21 November here.


You can take part in our contest and win a trip on the Research vessel Simon Stevin or a book (‘shrimps’); read more about it here.


Curious to know what the engagement of the UGent restaurants is? Read more about it here.