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Sustainable Fish Week 3-7 November 2014

Sustainable Fish Week 3-7 November 2014: urban legends in aquaculture


The third edition of the Sustainable Fish Week takes place between 3 and 7 November 2014 at Ghent University. The first edition took place in May 2012, with the concern 'How long can we still eat fish?'. A lot of fish are overfished and jellyfish are taking over the oceans. The second edition in November 2013 focussed on bycatch: fish or other animals (crabs, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks,...) caught unintentionally in a fishery. The bycatch is discarded and most of it does not survive this. The current edition has 'urban legends in aquaculture' as a central theme. 


How much do you know about aquaculture? Is 5 kg fish required to grow 1 kg of salmon? Is farmed fish full of antibiotics? Does aquaculture have a detrimental impact on the environment? Is pangasius farmed under unhealthy conditions, in a dirty pond? Participate in our poll (in Dutch) and then have a look at our poster (here) to learn more about it. 

Targeted actions will take place in the following restaurants: FPPW, Kantienberg (4 November), Astrid, De Brug (5 November), Diergeneeskunde, and Coupure (6 November). Campaign elements will be displayed in the other restaurants and cafetarias. 


Read more about the science cafe here.