Video contest: deadline extended | Marine@Ugent

Video contest: deadline extended

Marine@UGent launched a video contest for its young marine researchers. The deadline for submission of the video has been extended. New deadline: 21 February 2014.


Do you want to communicate your science to a wide audience? Why not in an original and easy way? Make a short video (maximum 90 seconds). 

Any topic with a marine link is welcomed. A tour in the lab, your vision on why your research is important, a day in the field, some main results. 



- The contest is for Marine@UGent members 

- The video includes the Marine@UGent logo (contact Ines Tavernier to obtain the necessary file)

- Maximum 90 seconds 

- Information needed: first name, last name, research group, (co-authors), title of your movie


Be aware of copyright of music! Contact Sabam if you want to use music that is legally not yours. 


If you have never made a video before, there are some tips here : programmes you can use, how to use photo and audio or just video, what to do with bad sound or how to convert files.


Price: a FNAC voucher!